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Where is my package?

Where is my package?

Please contact your final mile carrier directly for the most up-to-date tracking information.

If your tracking number is in this format: 0000 0000 0000 0000

If your tracking number is in this format: BAUNI000000000000000

If your tracking number is in this format: BAINT000000000000000

If your tracking number is in this format: 1Z0000000000000000

Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU)

Why am I being charged duty and taxes?

All shipments imported into Canada are subject to duties and taxes assessed by the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). The amount varies based on the item's value, commodity and country of origin.

How do I pay duties and taxes?

Duties and taxes can be paid through Broad Reach (an Asendia company)'s payment portal provided in the email notice.

Why wasn't I advised about the duties and taxes when I made my online purchase?

Duties and taxes are not always included in the purchase price, so it is essential to clarify with the Retailer you purchased your goods from.

Why do I need to pay customs duty?

Even for online purchases, goods are subject to an import procedure to clear customs. You can refer to CBSA’s website for more information:

What are some customs clearance related charges I can expect?

A Duty & Tax collection fee of $9.95 CAD, along with duties and taxes based on the goods' contents, value, and the country of origin. 

Who is responsible for payment of duties and taxes?

The receiver is responsible for paying the duties and taxes. 

How long do I have to make the payment?

Once we receive your parcel, an email with an invoice containing the total amount and a link to pay online will be sent to your email address. Your parcel will remain with us for 7 days.

Is it possible to pay Cash on Delivery (COD) with Canada Post?

If your import charges remain unpaid for more than 7 days, the item will be sent to Canada Post for collection on delivery (COD). You also have the option to request COD for your import charges. 

How do I pay for a Canada Post cash on delivery (COD) parcel?

Upon receiving a delivery notice card in your mailbox, simply visit the specified post office location. Here, you'll settle the amount requested by the sender before obtaining your parcel.

What are the payment options for a Canada Post cash on delivery (COD) parcel?

Canada Post provides various payment methods for COD parcels:

  • Credit card: Accepted for amounts up to $100.
  • Cash: Suitable for payments up to $1000.
  • Debit card: Applicable for sums up to $5000.
  • Certified cheque, Bank draft, Money order: Suitable for payments up to $5000.

For more details, please click here. It's important to note that the COD option cannot be paid online by the recipient; payments must be made exclusively at the retail counter.

Please let us know if you need further assistance or clarification.

Is it possible to get a refund for the duties and taxes paid on my order if I make a return and already received a refund from the retailer?

To seek a refund or adjustment of duties and taxes for non-commercial goods, complete Form B2G, CBSA Informal Adjustment Request Form and mail it, along with the required supporting documentation, to the appropriate Casual Refund Centre as specified on the form. Further information can be found in Memorandum D6-2-6, Refund of Duties and Taxes on Non-commercial Importations.

If you require the unique ID number, please contact [email protected] .

What if I don’t pay?

If you choose not to pay the import charges, the item will be returned to the retailer.  However, Broad Reach (an Asendia company) cannot guarantee a refund from the retailer, so it is recommended to check their refund policy before making any decision.

Why did my online purchase get delivered by Broad Reach (an Asendia company)?

The company you have purchased your goods from chose Broad Reach (an Asendia company) to trustfully deliver your shipment. 

What should I do if I have been charged the wrong amount for duties and taxes?

If you believe you were charged incorrect amounts, you can apply for a refund using the appropriate forms. 

Returns Process by Broad Reach (an Asendia company):

  • Contact Retailer: To initiate a return, customers need to get in touch with the retailer and discuss return options.
  • Refund Policy: Some companies may issue refunds without requiring the physical item to be returned, while others may need to receive the item first.
  • Broad Reach (an Asendia company) Processing: Broad Reach (an Asendia company) processes returns upon receiving requests from the retailer or customer.
  • Bulk Shipment: All returns are sent back to the retailer in bulk shipments at the end of each month.
  • Timing Consideration: In some cases, parcels may not be sent back to the retailer until the following month's shipment, especially towards the end of the month.
  • Tracking Information: Broad Reach (an Asendia company) does not provide tracking numbers for return shipments.
  • Cargo Control Number: However, Broad Reach (an Asendia company) can provide a cargo control number for the bulk shipment.
  • Retailer's Handling: Broad Reach (an Asendia company) cannot guarantee how each retailer will handle returns, including the issuance of refunds.